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The Little Lore Strips

This little side-project of mine is meant to illustrate the world of the Dinosaurs Inc. in a lively and -if possible- comedic way. The characters themselves are answering questions from THEIR point of perspective, trying to give you a little insight in their "lore".

Decent Swimmer This one was a nice traditional question. Nothing special to say about it, I suppose.

Sweater I still have no idea who actually came up with this meme, but I do know that I wasn't the only one mocking it.

You Decide In preparation of the Halloween picture 2018.

Swimwear Well you can't remember every single thing after all!

Postage Stamps Everyone collects them, right? ;D

If Only Guess Janet is just being honest :)

Barbeque Glenda says what she wants her date with a dragon to be like ;)

Dude Seriously For this one, it's important to understand that the LLS is a series about exposition or funny faces from the characters. Everything that I work with always comes directly from you!

What about eggs? As you can see, the topic of reproduction seems to be a hot one among many people...

Stripper Cosplay Referring to a comment on a picture I made as some sort of a fan-piece for background character of the animated series "Rick and Morty".

Why Breasts? Part 2 Delilah finally gets it straight :)

Why Breasts? This is another one not related to a specific question, but rather a phenomenon that always has been around: Why do female anthropomorphic characters have breasts like humans? Here Sora gives a general explanation from the perspective of her world. It's lenghty, but a serious attempt to keep it as logical as needed and/ or possible.

Fun With Sora First tackled question ~ it was also a good opportunity to show off how shy and reserved Robin actually is.

Holy Ballerino The very first strip didn't start off as a question. In the furry-fandom, there seems to be this idea floating around that dinosaur characters, just because they have a humanoid anatomy, get pregnant like humans and also produce milk. However, as you can judge by Soras reaction, this is not the case.

All contents were created and are (c) to Trias The Dino Artist 2006 - 2019.