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In Retrospect

This year was a year full of work, creative burnouts and a strong jump towards more variety for me. The gallery sections here are meant to be dinosaurss inc. related only, which explains they all seem rather short. About half of the images I finished were again commissions and the personal work was often not even dinosaur related.
In 2018, I met a lot of new wonderful people as well as good number of nice inspirations to keep me going and fuel me.

Sora This is a remake of a sketch which was originally part of a commission from 2017.

Sora An artistic statement against body-shaming, or shaming in general. Unfortunately, I didn't make up any of content seen in the speech bubbles. So far, I received no negative comments about this image on any website, which I find absolutely amazing considering the fact that our western media still praises a different kind of "beauty-standard". I'm glad more and more people aren't ashamed of admitting their preferences, at least online, anymore as we are a society that lives off of variety.

Sora A fellow-artist friend of mine had the original idea for this image :3 He basically bullied me into making this while I was working on something else ~ enjoy the goofy fun ^^

Sora I painted this during the heatwave in late may and early june. It is some sort of a spiritual follow-up to the 2014 picture of Delilah cooling off in a very similar fashion and style.

Janet A solo image of Janet. She turned out a bit chubbier than normal in this one, though I would call that more a "happy little accident" ;3.

Venus This one is a digitally updated drawing of Viv I originally made way back in early 2017, before I was capable of actually drawing with my tablet.

Soren Introducing a new character, Sorens debut came with an entire story, with this image being the 6th illustration for it. I picked this one due it's neutral to pleasing nature.

Sora, Delilah and Venus Happy Halloween 2018!
Sora cosplays as Krystal from StarFox, Delilah as Kratos from God of War 3 and Venus does Ivy from Soul Calibur 2. Apparently, Delilahs outfit wasn't considered fitting and in need of a little update! xD

Sora Sora just doing her very own Marylin Monroe impression~

Soren Meant as my participation of the "Dinosaurs in Lingerie" day on December 3rd, it was also very fitting as an additional illustration for the Soren story!

Conny This one introduces another new character and part of "Soren": Conny, the feminine looking Dilophosaur boy.

Viv Venus doing her excavation work. I guess it must be extremely warm there~

Glenda It really has been a long time since I made a painting of Glenda, but here we finally go again... I made this painting of her, pretty much like the one with Viv above, a photostudy to both sharpen my skills and have something to break the routine with all the Sora pictures I made in 2018.

Robin Just like Glenda, but even more so, Robin was rarely seen the past few years. Now I finally decided to give her a massive update and this picture shows it pretty well. I made her a tad softer and changed her sex from hermaphrodite to female. A change that won't please everyone, but ultimately a turn for the better in my opinion. This one is also the magic no. 100 and the last image I made in 2018.
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