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In Retrospect

I never finished so many full colored images in only one year. Most of them were not Dinosaurs-Inc. related, but even in this annual gallery is already much more content than in 2014 or 2015. In the artistic way, 2016 was my best year so far, there can not be any doubt about it.
Although I went through many health issues, resulting in a weak immune system I have to strengthen again, the furry community gave me enough hope and power to overcome all lows of the year. A big “Thank You!” to all the people who support me!

Sora Sora has been spotted with a flashlight!

Glenda Glenda as a flamenco dancer.

Sora Sora found a frame she can fit into :).

Delilah Drawn and painted after the famous work of Adolphe William Bouguereau "Biblis", 1884.

Venus Venus posing for some artistic work.

Janet Janet on a sunny balcony.

Sora "Art Deco Jurassique", painting of Sora.

Delilah Pin-Up of Delilah in a prehistoric jungle.

Sora Pin-Up of Sora infront of a jurassic landscape.

Sora Close-Up of Soras lower backside.

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Delilah Sora in a winter landscape.

Delilah Delilah deep in the woods.

Venus Erotic Pin-Up of Venus.

Sora Sora sitting on a rock at a seashore. Done with slightly improved inking techniques.

Sora and Iko Iko and Sora on vacation, enjoying the palm trees, the blue sky and warm sun!

Robin Savage Robin doing some unusual poses (at least for her!). She seems to be unsure about showing her hermaphrodite side. I tried a different painting technique on this image. Although it came out quite nicely, I did not stick with it because I think I can handle the colors better the "old" way.

Delilah Tyranus Painting of Delilah riding a steam-powered motorcycle. She returns to a location she used to visit regularly. I do not remember how many hours I spent on this picture. The first idea for such a scene came to my mind in 2013 when I heard the song "Don't You" by the Simple Minds (1985) for the first time.

Sora Lanoro A topless Sora posing for a portrait in her gardens.

Sora Lanoro The banner image for my newly created account on
I took the colors for the background from several 1980s cartoon background paintings. There is just something about the works of that era I want to capture more often that I do currently.

Glenda Nightingale Glenda in tropical waters, slightly decorated.

Delilah Tyranus Painting of Delilah in a dark water cave.

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