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In Retrospect

When 2014 began I had absolutely no clue of where I would be at the end. A lot of important things happened, not only to my process of creating artwork itself but also in the background. The Dinosaurs Inc. got their official copyright, Venus appeared in a comic that was commissioned from me and I created a price-catalogue. I tried out new and different ways of painting and got some very important ideas and influences for the stories of the Dinosaurs Inc.
Only the future will show of course, but I consider 2014 as one of the most important years for the Dinosaurs Inc.


Delilah Just a practice drawing showing Delilah wandering around in a random landscape all nude.

Glenda Doodle of an areobic-dancing Glenda.

Sora Drawing of an idea for a dress for Sora.

Sora Anatomy-sheet for Sora. Frontal view.

Sora Sora spring-time residence in natures bosom.

Glenda and Robin Glenda and Robin slowly waking up on a cozy saturday morning.

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Delilah A hot summer requires a proper cool-down!

Andor Andor posing with his hammer at a distant lake in the middle of nature.

Venus Anatomy-study of Venus Azana.

Delilah Practice drawing of Delilah.

Venus Practice drawing of Venus.

Glenda Practice drawing of Glenda.

Delilah Practice drawing of Delilah.

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Sora Practice drawing of Sora.

Sora Practice drawing of Sora.

Sora, Janet, Glenda and Venus Here's Sora, Janet, Glenda and venus posing with a lot of fun for a group pin-up.
It's nothing but Dinosaurs in Lingerie!

Janet Here I tried out a completely new painting technique; more time consuming and very different.

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