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In Retrospect

2008 was a period of technical improvement, little design-updates and all about the trouble of style-development. I switched from the traditional crayons to photoshop and I intended to express my musicial inspiration by signing the images with an old date. During autumn, it started with the year 1972, the song was "There ain't no way" by Lobo.
That was causing a lot of evil accusations and trouble and I wasn't seeing the misconceptions at all.

Janet holding some phono records. The first picture I drew in january. Janet actually always had some 1970s style in her clothing and general taste.

Delilah on old-fashioned roller-skates Delilah on old-fashioned roller-skates.

Delilah being nice Little fun drawing of Delilah.

Head drawing of Janet Head sketch of Janet for practicing.

Head drawing of Janet A re-drawing of an image I drew in 2007. I was very proud of it when it was finished.

Head drawing of Janet I can't remember whether this was the FIRST full-body picture of Sora or not. Anyway as you see, Sora has changed a bit over the time. You may not see it, but her eyes are still blue in this picture, later they turned green.

Ryan's sister Back in the days I imagined a twin-sister for Ryan. I didn't follow these plans, so this remains the only picture of Ryans sister Ryanne.

Full-body image of Delilah This is an early try for a full-body picture of Delilah in color.

Glenda in a costume Glenda, still in her early state, posing in a costume. The pose comes from an old 45rpm-Single cover.

Glenda in nature Glenda stripping in the woods.

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Sora with a stylistic update A re-drawn version of the earlier image of Sora - her eyes are green now!

Nice picture of Janet A colored drawing of Janet - I used to be very proud of how her anatomy came out in that one.

Janet in a kind of Star-Trek uniform Janet showing her appreciation for science-fiction.

Janet in lingerie Janet being sexy.

Sora crawling sleepily of the bed Sora crawling sleepily of the bed. I still remember how imprtant this image was for me. I considered this picture as the best one I ever made back then, it came out surprisingly good while showing something else than a simple standing pose.

Practice drawing of Delilah Practice drawing of Delilah, relaxing in a bathtub.

Head drawing of Iko These are the first images of Iko I ever made. As you can see, he had no "hair" and even his face was very different in the beginning.

Full-body drawing of Iko These are the first images of Iko I ever made that shows his full body and clothing-style.

Ryan sitting Ryan lounigng in a club; second photoshop try.

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Ryan with white pants Ryan posing in white flare-pants.

Janet in some sexy lingerie Janet in lingerie.

Delilah Colored drawing of Delilah.

Janet Janet doing aerobics.

Janet Janet posing in her aerobic outfit - drawn on an A3 sheet.

Glenda This was the last image of Glenda in her old, copied design.

Janet This picture shows Janets color pattern.

Delilah and Ryan Ryan and Delilah having another good time.

Iko Drawn for a schoolmate, but lost in a drawer... xD.

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Iko and Glenda I saw that pose on a photo which was part of a record cover (Bad Girls by Donna Summer).

Glenda One of the first image showing Glenda with some important design updates.

Iko Simple sketch of Iko, drawn in school.

Sora Simple sketch of Sora, drawn in school, with anatomy-mistakes xD.

Iko This sketch was also drawn in school, but I remember that I put much more time into this!

Janet Janet in another tight space-suit, this time with a full backgound.

Delilah Delilah also like to put the needle on the record!

Sora Some design updates on Sora showing in this image, leading the way to what she became later.

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Delilah Simple head-sketch of Delilah, with some silly lines ^^".

Delilah Simple head-sketch of Delilah, with some silly lines again ^^". The last sketch I wanted to draw in 2008.

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