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In Retrospect

2007 was the start of it all. The pictures you see here were the first illustrations of anthropomorphic creatues I ever drew. I had no photoshop, no skills, nothing but my will to improve and moving on (with a lot of paper and crayons!).

Delilah with open arms Delilah in colorful clothes and wide opened arms.

Delilah: Everything Rolls! I saw this line on some old record-covers I got from a closed roller-skater-disco.

Delilah on the future race-track There's proto-Delilah on some kind of future race-track.

Delilah and Ryan: Star-Trek style Star Trek: The orignial Series. The very first idea I had for a story-line was a sci-fi epos like the journey of Captain Kirk and his crew back in the 1960s. I even had a bunch of characters looking like Delilah and Ryan being part of the crew.

Ryans Dreams A simple composition of Ryan.

Delilah on a half moon Delilah sitting on a half moon hovering over the planet venus.

Ryan is the captain Ryan was supposed to be the captain, yup!

Delilah looking into the sky Night-scene portrait of proto-Delilah.

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Delilah dancing Delilah doing some 1970s dancing moves.

Delilah dancing together with Ryan Delilah doing some 1970s dancing moves together with Ryan.

Delilah dancing together with Ryan And even nude dancing.

Ryan head Close-Up of Ryans head.

Delilah head Close-Up of Delilahs head.

Delilah in a space uniform Delilah wearing a space-suit-uniform. This picture is kinda special because it was the last one I drew before I got my first book about drawing.

Proto-version Glenda The first realisation of Glenda. She wasn't having her unique frill back then, like Sora, actually a copy of other characters.

First Janet image I remeber that I practiced the frontal face view for a whole week before I drew this image, the first image of Janet Vanda. She was the first character I drew without having a role-model or reference.

Good image of Ryan An image I spent much time on back then. It's the first further stage Ryan got.

First face of Sora The first image of Soras face. More a clone of other characters, but she always has been the longneck she still is. This was the last image of 2007, indicating further development and also trouble and pain for me and my characters during the next years.

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