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The Site Itself

This website is a platform for the nine anthropomorphic dinosaurs Delilah, Ryan, Sora, Glenda, Janet, Iko, Robin, Andor and Venus. They in a world which is both similar and different from ours. I created this place on the internet to show you their world as best as I can. Therefore I constantly try to improve my skills in drawing, painting and writing.
One of my goals is to show the world of the Dinosaurs-Inc. as authentic as possible to bring a new experience to you worth seeing.
I hope you have fun browsing and do not hesitate to tell me your thoughts via the social networks shown in the links-section.

Who Are The Dinosaurs Inc.?

They are a group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs, five of them well curved females, three males and a sporty but shy hermaphrodite. Everyone already exists several years longer than their group-name "Dinosaurs Inc.". Perhaps nobody wonders, but ever since their number grew to three, I was looking for a name for the whole herd.
Then in October 2012, when I was reading the first issue of "Dinosaurs For Hire" (1988), I saw a comment from one of their main characters "Reese". On that certain panel, he was talking to a girl saying something like "Compliments of Dinosaurs Inc." and I thought this might be it!
Of course, the "Dinosaurs For Hire" comics were not the only inspiration. Many other comics, novels, video games, music and movies have their part in the creation, too many to name them all. Once I asked myself why I created the Dinosaurs-Inc and I am still not entirely sure. A few possible reasons came to my mind, but none of them nails it to be honest.
For a long time now, I have been fascinated by different subjects of the late 20th century pop-culture. Things like cartoons or movies, music, and the appearance of them all. I think there is just a certain charm to it that got lost in our current century as I have not seen anything comparable. Maybe the Dinosaurs-Inc. are meant to bring back the old charms... But I also do not want to revive the dead; as I said: There is no keyword that answers the existence of Delilah, Sora and their friends or even their entire world.

I, the Artist

My real name is Niklas Alexander Köhne. I was born on April 15, 1991 in Hamburg, Germany where I live to this day. I finished school in 2010, studied "Library and Information Science", worked four times as an election assistant and graduated in wholesaling. I work as a freelance artist and put most of my energy in the creation of my artistic contents.

You ask why I draw anthropomorphic dinosaurs? I am going to tell you the story as briefly as I can. Once I was something you stereotypically call a "gamer" these days, all about the good old console stuff of course! However, I was pretty much nothing but an overweight, lazy couch potato. Then this certain day came: October 26, 2006. In some sort of a brainwave incident, the image of Delilah appeared in my head. Invading my brain so fast, I hardly knew how to handle it. I lost a couple of kilograms after a week or two, got better in school and realized that my live had changed. I never wanted to forget the entity who brought the change.
But, how was that to do?
I decided to draw her, although I could not draw at all. So there was nothing left but learning it and I became very determined about the whole thing. About 2 months later, I was equipped with a lot of pencils and paper, plus a schedule for training my body. I still can not explain why it happened or who or what Delilah really is. I even chose the name "Delilah" only because the phrase "lila" which means purple in german and that is just her main color after all. Everything went positively for me since then (compared to the "gamer" days), which is why I love my anthropomorphic dinosaurs so much!
I want to share this with you.

All contents were created and are (c) to Trias The Dino Artist 2006 - 2019.